If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom then you have landed on the right page. Some people prefer more of a traditional design for their bathrooms while others prefer a contemporary or modern look. This article is for those who are more inclined towards the modern look. In this article we will inform you about some awesome and modern bathroom plumbing fixtures for a more modern look. Modern theme means minimalist design with maximum functionality. While some modern bathroom fixtures are really expensive, others are quite cheap. It all depends upon the brand and the market from where you are purchasing it. If the modern bathroom fixtures are new in your market then they will be expensive, on the other hand if they are in trend then you can get them at a cheaper price. Anyways let’s read about some modern and appealing bathroom fixtures that will definitely give your bathroom the feeling of a spaceship.

  • Modern faucets:

Gone are the days of simple taps. These days’ faucets come in all shapes and varieties. You can even buy faucets that have sensors that enable water flow by detecting objects under the tap. There are faucets that can even detect the temperature of the water and automatically heat it or cool it down to suitable or pre-programmed temperatures.

  • Modern showerheads:

These days’ shower heads have evolved beyond one’s imagination. Today you can find a shower head that mimics different types of natural water fall patterns. If you like the rain pattern – there’s a showerhead for you, if you like the natural waterfall pattern – there’s a shower head for that too. Some shower heads also come with in-built speakers so that the bather can listen to his/her favorite music while bathing. Want more? Hear this; modern shower heads even have LED lights that change color according to the temperature of the water and the music playing the bathroom.

  • Vanity sinks:

Vanity sinks can be a bit expensive as compared to their more traditional counter parts. We advise you to get a modern double sink bathroom vanity. Not only does it look modern and stylish but it also increases the functionality as it can be used by two people at the same time.

  • Ultra modern toilet seats:

The design of toilet seats has come a long way. Today you can get a toilet seat that resembles more of a modern hi-tech gadget then a toilet. If you have the budget then you can buy a toilet seat with seat warmers. What even better is there are toilet seats that have hot air blowers installed near the floor so that your feet stay warm during those chilly winter nights. From a personal experience I can assure you that it’s not very pleasing to sit on an ice cold toilet seat in winters. And there is nothing better than to have a nice and warm toilet seat during winters. But such bathroom accessories are expensive and are not meant for a bathroom that is used by a lot of people. On the other hand if you have the budget and you live a solo life then go for it.

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